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  • It’s almost a given these days that when we talk about ships in Savannah, we’re talking about the massive container ships that ply our river, dwarfing people and even buildings on their way to and from Garden City Terminal.
    But long before container ships put Savannah on the maritime map, another kind of ship had a huge impact here — not only on our ports but on a country at war. 
    On Nov. 20, 1942, the SS James Oglethorpe “slid down the ways” at Southeastern Shipbuilding in Savannah, marking the launch of the first Liberty ship built in Savannah. 
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Mary Carr Mayle

Katie Nussbaum

Home sales in Bryan, Chatham and Effingham counties reached a record high last month with 717 homes sold within the three-county area, according to data released by Savannah Multi List Corp. 

Bill Dawers / City Talk

At noon on Thursday, about 25 children were enjoying the spray pool next to the playground in Forsyth Park.
The screaming and squealing kids were having a grand time as their parents and guardians wilted in the sun or sought refuge on the stage itself.  
After lengthy delays, the spray pool opened earlier this summer, marking another step in the evolution of Forsyth Park, which many of us consider the crown jewel of Savannah’s amazing public spaces.

Michael Owens

Over the last week, I’ve noticed a lot of people walking through downtown poring over their smartphones. At first, I assumed they were taking photos or using a map for directions. It turns out I was half right.

They were playing Pokemon Go, an app that overlays Pokemon into real-life locations, using their current location through Google Maps.

Food & Dining

From July 29 – August 7, 2016, this 10-Day celebration of Savannah’s restaurant scene pays homage to the culinary heritage that makes our city unique — and is held in tribute to the restaurants that are becoming such a vital part of Savannah’s tradition of hospitality!