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Mary Carr Mayle

Citi Trends, the Savannah-based urban fashion giant, reported sales of $193.7 million for the 13-week quarter ending April 30, a 2.7 percent drop from the same quarter in 2015.

Katie Martin

Visit Savannah’s partnership with London-based VVV Global Marketing, which created the first international sales office for Visit Savannah is going quite smashing.

Bill Dawers / City Talk

Last week, CNN covered violent crime in Savannah. The piece was widely shared around town and drew coverage from this newspaper. As a resident, I’m glad to see continued outrage about violence in the city. It’s absurd that we’ve put up with high crime rates for so long, and it’s even more absurd that for decades we’ve accepted blatantly obvious street crime as the norm in some neighborhoods.

Michael Owens

This week, we had a representative from speak to the tourism community. She shared how that global company is building a landing page on their website that helps attract people. These are just a few of the many marketers pointing people to Savannah.

Food & Dining

This year, I deviated from the routine a bit and decided to experiment with different cocktails while we watched our sunsets. I posted a picture of each cocktail to my Facebook page, and I think my friends and family wondered if all I was doing was drinking on my vacation.