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Mary Carr Mayle

Vulcan Materials Company held a ribbon-cutting and grand opening Friday for its newest facility, the Savannah Sales Yard in Garden City.

Katie Martin

“I grew up in an environment that had an enormous appreciation for the value of education and training as well as community involvement, so we’ve tried to incorporate those values into the culture and routine operation strategy of Carver State Bank,” James said Wednesday at the quarterly Business in Savannah luncheon at the Savannah Morning News.

Bill Dawers / City Talk

For the most part, when I write about employment data here at City Talk, I’m detailing the estimates for payroll employment from the ongoing survey of establishments. 
However, the unemployment rate and other characteristics of the labor force are determined by the household survey, not the establishment survey. The household estimates can be noisy from month to month, and sometimes they are out of step with the payroll estimates. Eventually, though, the two surveys align.

Michael Owens

There’s nothing like a movie to transport you to another world, real or imagined. There’s a reason the movie business is so big. We’ll buy a ticket to see our favorite stars or dive into a good story.

And it is magical to see how Hollywood can take us on such fantastic journeys. Movie magic happened in my office this week.

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