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Mary Carr Mayle

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has enough funds to keep the Savannah Harbor Expansion Project on track for the coming year, according to Col. Marvin Griffin, the Corps’ Savannah District commander.

Katie Martin

Bill Dawers / City Talk

Savannah city officials recently released yet another draft of the proposed alcohol ordinance rewrite. Before reading my take on the new ordinance, you might want to check it out for yourself. The latest version has the same key concepts and provisions that were in the summer 2015 draft, but the language has been streamlined. It appears about one-third of the words were trimmed from the previous draft.

Bea Wray

Entrepreneurs know that finding open doors and walking through them is a critical life skill. I have enjoyed witnessing Andy “walk through” the doors of events at The Creative Coast and, as a result, find his co-founders, identify business models and further develop the Watson communication and collaboration tools.

Michael Owens

What comes to mind when you think about tourism? Is it restaurant to retail or attractions to accommodations? I would say all of the above and so much more.

When we think through the number of how tourism performs in Savannah, we often look at the 26,000 workers who directly work in tourism or the $2.5 billion in outside spending to the businesses that serve the guests, but we don’t often look at the ripple effect.

Food & Dining

One of the single most romantic dishes of all can, in fact, be had for very little ready cash: pasta tossed with Ragu alla Bolognese, the famed meat sauce of the city that many consider to be the gastronomical capitol of a country celebrated for its penchant for romance (both at table and everywhere else).