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Bea Wray

BEA WRAY: Sometimes business is like ballet

I once had the opportunity to watch my daughter dance Marie in “The Nutcracker” and experience the thrill of hearing friends and strangers alike comment on her amazing performance, talent and beautiful smile.

This exhilarating feeling returned last week when The Creative Coast hosted the Savannah City Council workshop at the Creators’ Foundry, a former warehouse on West Boundary Street.

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BEA WRAY: Working with interns in an insta-feedback world

I worry that today we are so busy hovering over our kids and meeting the obligations of organized activities that we are not giving them rein to try, plan, strategize, problem solve, fail and start over.

BEA WRAY: Savannah entrepreneurs better than doughnuts

Every year The Creative Coast hosts FastPitch, our own version of Shark Tank, where we put new entrepreneurs on stage for a day of exciting and innovative three-minute pitches. Previous FastPitch contestants include some great local startups such as GreenBug, Bowerbags and Aetho, all of which are making wonderful strides in their businesses.

BEA WRAY: Power of delusion can get things done

It feels great to receive a compliment.

Everyone, no matter their position, wants to be appreciated. If you don’t already do so, show some appreciation to a coworker, a service provider or simply someone doing a good job when you have your next retail transaction.

A few words of appreciation can have a ripple effect, generating positive results you never imagined.

BEA WRAY: Be part of something big in 2015

The Creative Coast is all about entrepreneurship, community and collaborative learning, so bringing the Kauffman Foundation’s 1 Million Cups program to Savannah is an ideal way for us to kick off the new year.

Beginning next Wednesday and every Wednesday morning throughout 2015, the public is invited to join us from 9-10 a.m. at the Creators’ Foundry to embrace this unique educational program for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs.

BEA WRAY: 2014 has been hectic but productive for Creative Coast

December is my favorite time of the year. The month brings celebration, reflection and a time to plan for the upcoming year.

Here at The Creative Coast we look back on a hectic, yet productive, year and we are filled with joy to have served so many amazing people in our community who are doing so many different and innovative things.

BEA WRAY: A tank of gas, fried chicken and the world beyond

One of the most important things we do at The Creative Coast is connect people.

BEA WRAY: Geekend ignites imagination and impact

Columnist Bea Wray talks about the success of this past weekend's Geekend.

BEA WRAY: Bringing the future to Savannah

Last week, I had the privilege of teaching an entrepreneurship class at Savannah State, a service design class at SCAD and conducting internship interviews with Armstrong students.

It was such a joy to have a connection to their world and hear their different perspectives. One theme that unfortunately was consistent was their belief in a lack of ability to stay, live and work in Savannah after graduation.

BEA WRAY: Hitting the reset button

BEA WRAY: Lessons from a soccer ball