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Bill Dawers

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City Talk: Bull Street Taco brings fresh, simple menu to Thomas Square area

Bull Street Taco has been a big hit since opening earlier this month on a formerly quiet block between 32nd and 33rd streets.

City Talk: Storm aftermath shows demand for better bicycling infrastructure

When I was out walking on Sept. 12 — the day after the storm moved through the area — I ran into one downtown business owner on his bicycle near Forsyth Park. We noted how empty and oddly pleasant the city was.

City Talk: Irma raises long-term questions for economy, development, safety

On Wednesday afternoon, city crews were working hard in Forsyth Park to clear debris. As a result, the park looked great less than 48 hours after Irma moved entirely out of the Savannah area.

City Talk: Local Irma response hampered by state response

I’m writing this column on Tuesday morning. The sky is blue, and the city is springing back to life. It’s been quite a week.

City Talk: Coastal development has not been tested by major hurricane

As I write this column, I have no idea where Hurricane Irma will be when you read it.

City Talk: Nonprofit funding criteria reflect new strategic plan

As many of you remember, a 2016 decision by Savannah city leaders to cut funding to outside social service and arts agencies generated considerable controversy.

City Talk: Savannah hospitality employment similar to Charleston, Asheville, New Orleans

In Sunday’s column, I mentioned that I was going to compare employment in the leisure and hospitality sector in Savannah and a few other select cities.

City Talk: July employment estimates show continued strength of area economy

According to the estimates recently released by the Georgia Department of Labor, the Savannah metro area added 4,300 nonfarm payroll jobs between July 2017 and July 2017. That increase of 2.4 percent is markedly faster than the rate of population growth.

City Talk: Downtown density debate: Boring but important

We had some big news last week in Savannah. Mayor Eddie DeLoach’s bold call for reappraisal of the Talmadge Memorial Bridge and the Confederate monument in Forsyth Park prompted a fascinating discussion among members of City Council.

City Talk: Take close look at Savannah’s Confederate monument in Forsyth

The current national controversies about the role of Confederate monuments in 21st century America have led many Savannahians to question the presence of the large memorial in Forsyth Park. Mayor Eddie DeLoach and members of City Council addressed the question at Thursday’s meeting.

City Talk: Council to vote again on controversial Bolton Street project

On the day after the most recent Savannah City Council meeting, Alderman Tony Thomas announced on his official Facebook page that he planned to call a “vote for reconsideration” of the approval of a 114-unit apartment complex on East Bolton Street between Drayton and Abercorn streets.

City Talk: Should more 20th century Savannah buildings be considered historic?

In Tuesday’s column, I argued that the planned apartment building next to Forsyth Park along East Bolton Street would be too massive for the neighborhood context.

City Talk: New apartment building too massive for East Bolton

Last Thursday, a divided Savannah City Council paved the way for a five-story, 114-unit apartment building that will stretch from Drayton to Abercorn streets between East Bolton Street and East Bolton Lane.

City Talk: Is Savannah the “next Brooklyn”?

Vogue’s recent article “Is This Old Southern Town the Next Brooklyn?” caught the attention of plenty of Savannahians – natives, newcomers and everyone in between.

City Talk: Charleston parking study looks relevant for Savannah

Researchers in the Office of Tourism Analysis at the School of Business at the College of Charleston recently released a detailed study of parking needs for hospitality workers on the peninsula.

City Talk: Sugo Rossa brings Italian to Twelve Oaks, prompts another look at city’s divide

Sugo Rossa opened earlier this summer in Twelve Oaks Shopping Center in the space formerly occupied by Atlanta Bread Company.

City Talk: Police merger debate reveals deeper tensions

When Mayor Eddie DeLoach and three new members of City Council took office 18 months ago, many Savannahians assumed that we were on a slow hike toward consolidation of the city and county governments.

City Talk: Rise Biscuits Donuts brightens mornings on Broughton

The first location of Rise Biscuits Donuts opened in Durham, N.C., in 2012, and the regional chain now has 14 locations and two more set to open soon.

City Talk: Taking development lessons from Athens

If you drive into Athens on Highway 78, you’ll be greeted by The Mark, a massive new apartment development in the final phases of construction at the intersection of East Broad and Oconee streets.

City Talk: Take closer look at Savannah’s historic pavement

“We’re so used to streets dominated by asphalt and concrete that we’ve become blind to the earlier historic pavements that survive in cities across the country,” Robin Williams said near the beginning of his recent TEDxSavannah talk, “and we’ve utterly forgotten the critical role they played in helping modernize and make our cities livable.”