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Eva Fedderly

Culture of space: How office environments affect productivity, creativity

Many Americans spend nearly half of their waking hours working, thus it’s crucial that the spaces in which they work ignite productivity, alertness, and comfort.

Interior designer Amy Porch with Hansen Architects likes the windows that allow a lot of natural light in her office. (Steve Bisson/Savannah Morning News)

Business owners plan ahead for holiday celebrations

As one of the most celebratory times of the year approaches, Savannah business owners prepare now to celebrate the holidays, whether that means giving back to their employees, the community, or throwing a blowout fete. No matter which way business owners and employees are choosing to rejoice, there are myriad elements to consider when hosting a holiday celebration.

Jack Thacher, son of Jane Vaden Thacher and Peter Thacher, addresses the entire Vaden extended family. Photo by Nichole Barrali.

Group brings focus to self-driving cars

Clinton Edminster says he’s been dreaming of self-driving cars for a while, and now he’s working to get Savannah ready for the real thing.

Clinton Edminster, founder of Self-Driving Vehicle Coalition of Coastal Georgia, spoke Wednesday to the Technology Association of Georgia at Bull Street Labs.

Entrepreneur turns picnic fun into business

Chelsea Rowe has always loved a great picnic — and she thinks everyone else should, too.

Chelsea Rowe (Contributed photo)

Experts give tips on how to find the right gig, the right employee

Finding a job or hiring the right candidate can be a job. Whether hiring new employees or looking for a job, it’s vital for both the candidate and the employer to be honest when finding the right match.

Film industry programs, work keep grads in Savannah

Thanks to state tax incentives for Hollywood filmmakers, the film industry is burgeoning in Savannah, and local students are discovering they don’t need to move to Los Angeles or New York City to find work and shape their careers.

Kareem McMichael, Jeff Williams, and Josiah Whitfield attend the recent Savannah Area Film Office networking event. (Photo by Eva Fedderly)

Logistics experts: Organization lessons translate to smaller businesses

With one of the biggest shipping operations in the country, Savannah is known for its port, warehouses and operating logistics. Some of the area’s best logistics experts say the lessons from the large endeavors will translate to making any size business run as successfully and efficiently as possible.

Savannah couple find career in elopement

Husband and wife team Bryan and Phyllis Fulton discovered the idea for their business, Savannah Simple Elopement, four years ago when they got married in Savannah and found people aren’t allowed to be married in the courthouse.

A Savannah Simple Elopement wedding. (Photo courtesy Bryan Fulton)

Financial ignorance can take toll at work, home

It’s July, and for many business owners, mid-year is an opportune time for a financial reset to keep the year’s goal in focus to alleviate headaches later. It’s the same for individuals, and growing financial stresses may create workplace and productivity problems for them and their employer.

Wilmington Island shop creates custom pieces of furniture

Bart Haigh moved from Connecticut to Savannah two years ago where he launched a custom furniture design shop, Haigh Wood Shop, out of his garage on Wilmington Island.

Bart Haigh, owner of Haigh Wood Shop, builds custom furniture at his shop on Wilmington Island. (Steve Bisson/Savannah Morning News)

Film roles mean big bucks for Savannah business

In movie plots, small entreprenuers often realize big dreams through hard work and timing. It’s a true story for many local businesses as the film industry discovers Savannah.

Film roles mean big bucks for Savannah business

In movie plots, small entreprenuers often realize big dreams through hard work and timing. It’s a true story for many local businesses as the film industry discovers Savannah.

Savannah woman uses business to empower girls

Nikki White says her career started in business, but her heart has always been in the nonprofit sector.

Nikki White

Continuing education enhances business, brings its own rewards

The “abilities” — availability, flexibility and affordability — are luring more business professionals than ever to pursue continuing education. And many are finding it the key to advancement, say educators who have made lifetime learning their business.

Good plans put outside space to work

Spring is here, and many businesses look to invest in outdoor spaces, helping properties gain value and look attractive at the same time.

Paris Market owner finds Broughton effort worthwhile

New Orleans native Paula Danyluk opened up her retail, coffee shop and design services space, the Paris Market and Brocante, on Broughton Street when “people were pioneers to launch storefronts there.”

Paula Danyluk, owner of the Paris Market & Brocante on West Broughton Street. (Steve Bisson/Savannah Morning News)

Business group hears Gulfstream’s philosophy of strength in diversity

Savannah’s Downtown Business Association got a dose of politics and a look at how Gulfstream is working to grow work capacity in the community.

A Squad Bake Shop owner brings her own flair

Natasha Gaskill left Lulu’s Chocolate Bar in 2013 to launch a wedding cake business, and now her A Squad Bake Shop is a unique operation known for its pastries, donuts and cakes at some of Savannah’s best dining establishments.

Natasha Gaskill, owner of A-Squad Bake Shop, stands inside her 10-by-16 foot baking cottage in her backyard. (Josh Galemore/Savannah Morning News)

Vintage looks make new business

In a throwaway economy, some local entrepreneurs have found value and mission in the recycled, once-loved clothing market.

Business of Love: Finding right match for your work

Savannah has long been a mecca for weddings, both local and destination. The impact that the weddings have on small businesses, such as event planners, rental companies, caterers, photographers, and musicians, is significant. It is also these small vendors and the variety of styles they provide that can make all the difference couples who plan ahead.