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G.G. Rigsby

Moon River studio faces default

Would-be movie production company Moon River is in default on the purchase of a film production equipment company, and time is running out for it to meet major milestones as it attempts to build studios in Effingham County.

G.G. Rigsby/Effingham Now Moon River CEO Jake Shapiro, left, speaks with Effingham Industrial Development Authority board member Chap Bennett at a meeting last year.

Moon River defaults on AppleBox note

Moon River is in default on the purchase of a film production equipment company and "time is running out" for it to meet major milestones in its efforts to build studios in Effingham County.

New leaders of EFACEC transform plant's image, customer base

The acting general manager of Georgia Transformer, the manufacturing plant north of Rincon on Ga. 21 formerly known as EFACEC, said he knew the facility had issues but was surprised at how many problems he found.

Photo courtesy of Rusty O’Quinn- A core type transformer leaves the Georgia Transformer plant on Aug. 4 in Rincon headed for Canada.

Effingham approves Moon River master plan

Effingham County commissioners unanimously approved Moon River's master plan for movie studios, paving the way for construction to begin soon on a road and water line.
Effingham County commissioners have approved a master plan for Moon River studios, which expects to break ground soon on a road and water line. (Courtesy Moon River).

Moon River seeks foreign investors

Moon River Studios has hired Lexden Capital LLC to raise up to $49 million for its studioplex in Effingham County from foreign investors seeking visas.

Jake Shapiro, left, CEO of Moon River Studios, in a file photo with Effingham IDA Chairman Chap Bennett. (G.G. Rigsby/Effingham Now).

Moon River makes progress at Effingham studio site

Moon River is making progress developing its Effingham County studio site and is becoming a one-stop shop for people wanting to make movies in Coastal Georgia, CEO Jake Shapiro told the Effingham County Industrial Development Authority.

Dennis Webb, left, is the outgoing chairman of the Effingham County Industrial Development Authority. Chapp Bennett, right, is the new chairman. (G.G. Rigsby/Effingahm Now).

Fort Lauderdale company acquires lease for Effingham movie property

Fonu2 Inc., based in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., announced Tuesday that it has acquired the lease for 1,600 acres in Effingham County from Moon River Studios.

Rincon will get bigger Kroger in 2016

Three lanes will be created in each direction on Ga. 21 and a traffic light will be added for a new, larger Kroger store planned on the vacant lot just north of Lowe’s.

Big Kroger planned next to Lowe's in Rincon

A new, 114,000-square-foot Kroger is being planned on 27 acres next to Lowe’s on Ga. 21 in Rincon.

Effingham movie complex announces deal with Penny Marshall for two films

A company related to Effingham County's Moon River Studios has announced a two-picture deal with director Penny Marshall, saying photography for the first film will start in January in Savannah.

Effingham's EFACEC plant gets new owner

Group EFACEC, the Portuguese company that built a power transformer manufacturing plant north of Rincon, has sold the plant and its assets to a company that says it will keep the 250 Effingham County employees and form a strategic alliance with Virginia Transformer Corp.

Medient plans 527 jobs, down from 1,000

Medient hires Choate as construction manager

Medient previously announced it had hired Bill Foley Designs as architect and Hussey Gay Bell & DeYoung as engineers. Adding Choate completes the “dream team,” Medient CEO Jake Shapiro said Wednesday.