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ZAPP: Trump says business better under Democrats

Other Republican presidential candidates have attacked Donald Trump for saying business has been better while Democrats were in power than when Republicans were in the White House. Some even said he’s a Democrat, not a Republican.

ZAPP: Knowing when to cut your losses

In “The Gambler,” Kenny Rogers sings about knowing when to hold and when to fold. This is a skill that seems in short supply and difficult to teach. Business leaders and elected officials alike seem unable to cut their losses when they face financial challenges.

ZAPP: From 'master of fine arts' to coffee queen

I met Jennifer “Jen” Jenkins four years ago when she came to SCORE Savannah for help in starting a new business. Armed with a master of fine arts degree and experience as an instructor of printmaking at the Savannah College of Art and Design, she wanted to open a coffee house.

ZAPP: Study finds historic preservation pays off

Donovan Rypkema is a principal of PlaceEconomics, a Washington, D.C.-based real estate and economic development consulting firm that specializes in services to public and nonprofit-sector clients who are dealing with downtown and neighborhood commercial district revitalization and the reuse of historic structures.

KENNETH ZAPP: The president, Congress and the trade partnership

President Barack Obama wants the United States to accept terms of a proposed trade agreement with 11 other Pacific nations that its supporters call a “regional regulatory and investment treaty” that will “enhance trade and investment among TTP partner countries.”

ZAPP: Making a market at Bull Street auctions

Lisa Arcos met her future husband Craig when he moved to Savannah to assume the leadership of the Coastal Georgia Council of the Boy Scouts of America. At the time, she worked at a local law firm.


KENNETH ZAPP: It's time to cure child poverty in America

At last, Americans are talking about income inequality and poverty as the central challenge in our society. Even leading Republicans are joining the national discussion about the topic they used to reject as “class warfare.”

KENNETH ZAPP: A few local businesses that deserve recognition

A recent article by an online real estate firm ( identified the most snobby mid-sized American cities as determined by measures of economic well being. One criterion was art galleries per person.

KENNETH ZAPP: An economic agenda for Georgia in 2015

Now that Gov. Nathan Deal need not worry about re-election or threats from the Tea Party wing of his party, he has an opportunity to win bi-party support for sensible policies that will serve the economic interests in our state.

Should artists receive royalties from resale of their work?

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., thinks artists should receive royalties from the resale of their work. So he has proposed the American Royalties Too (ART) Act of 2014 that would direct 5 percent of profits from secondary market sales of works of art above $5,000 to their creators.

This would impact only art sold by auction houses and limit an artist’s payment at $35,000. His bill has been introduced in both houses of Congress but hasn’t received a committee hearing.

Helping the homeless: Provide housing or support first?

Housing ready or housing first?

This is the key debate among people who serve the homeless or work to eliminate homelessness.

An analysis: Capital in the 21st century

A business success: Tybee's Sundae Cafe