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RAMSEY: Are you ready to plan the holiday office party?

To borrow a line from the familiar song, “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go.” While I am a traditionalist and think we ought to wait until after Thanksgiving before we jump to Christmas bells and trees, I do believe this is the time when holiday planning begins.

RAMSEY: What to consider when sending holiday cards

Ready or not, now is the time to be thinking about and planning for your holiday business cards.

RAMSEY: Being the gracious host at a business meal

So much business is conducted over meals today that the successful professional dares not venture out to a business meal without knowing good table manners. 

RAMSEY: Choosing the right seat at the meeting table

Attending meetings is a lot like going to class. Where you sit in class can affect your grade, and where you sit in a meeting can affect your career.

Business meetings are opportunities for learning, networking and advancement.

RAMSEY: 11 essential medical tips for physicians and their office staffs

Declining reimbursements, increased overhead, implementation of the Affordable Care Act and the rush to litigation are but a few of the reasons to “sweat the small stuff” in the medical arena.

If you don’t think you need to pay attention to the details when it comes to making your patients happy as well as healthy, think again. If ever there was a time to mind your medical manners, it’s now.

RAMSEY: Are flip-flops appropriate in the office?

It’s summer time, and they’re back. Flip-flops. You know — the shoe that we now refer to as the slide. Maybe it never went away. It simply went into hibernation for the winter.

If you aren’t sure to what I am referring, it’s that semi-shoe with nothing to hold it to your foot or your foot to it except a little piece of material across or between your toes. In any case, flip-flops or slides are one of the hottest trends in summer fashion footwear.

RAMSEY: Are flip-flops appropriate in the office?

LYDIA RAMSEY: Five sins in the workplace

There are any number of etiquette faux pas committed in the office setting. Check to see whether you’re guilty of these five workplace sins and what you can do to avoid them.

LYDIA RAMSEY: Listening skills vital to communicate effectively

Listening has become an under-appreciated facet of communication. We spend more time either talking or thinking about what we are going to say next rather than paying attention to what other people are saying.


LYDIA RAMSEY: Etiquette and ethics: a growing problem in the workplace

Do you think manners and etiquette are lacking in today’s workplace? Are you observing a decline in ethics as well? Trust me when I say you are not alone.

LYDIA RAMSEY: Connecting with courtesy on LinkedIn

Have you figured out that the Internet has changed the way we do business and the way we connect with other people? Social media has exploded, and many of us are overwhelmed. Not only do we not know which platform to use, we don’t know how to use each one.

LYDIA RAMSEY: How not to stress over holiday tipping

The holidays mean parties, shopping, cooking, decorating, greeting cards and gift-giving.

They also mean tipping.

Is your voice mail menu user friendly?

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