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Byrd Cookie mascot a big hit at parade

Byrd Cookie Company mascot, Crumbles, made its debut in Tuesday's parade. The company held dance tryouts for the honor to play the white cookie jar with sunglasses.

Census launches website for Savannah area test

The U.S. Census Bureau began a test in the Savannah area Monday with the launch of its “Notify Me” website. By registering at, residents of a 20-county area around Savannah can tell the bureau how best to get in touch with them — either by email or by text — when a test count begins in late March.

President's budget includes $21 million for Savannah harbor deepening

Federal money is starting to flow for the Savannah harbor deepening project. The White House budget, released Monday, includes $21.05 million for the project in the coming fiscal year. Add to that another $21 million the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers scraped up for deepening in its current year work budget.

Situation sunny for Ga.'s solar jobs

New marina on Bull River reconsidered