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MICHAEL OWENS: Customer doesn’t always get it right

There’s always two sides to a story. The customers is always right. And the customer sometimes gets it wrong. In the tourism community, we’re all here to serve. We base our entire career on making other people happy. It’s drilled in to the core of every good hospitality worker that the customer is always right. That’s not always the case.

MICHAEL OWENS: Raising the bar on food and wine in Savannah

If you’re like me and you like good food, you’ve noticed a tide has changed in Savannah. We have more places offering great food than ever before. I know this because we’ve been celebrating all things food and wine this week at Savannah Food & Wine Festival. Today is the signature event, Taste of Savannah in Ellis and Johnson squares from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

MICHAEL OWENS: Remembering a fallen member of Savannah's tourism industry

Sometimes bad things happen.

This week, the tourism family said goodbye to one of its own. Armando Castillo passed away Monday following a stroke. He was a young, active 51-year-old who loved people and soccer and family.

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