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Business in Savannah: Profile of Mario Incorvaia

Steve Bisson/Savannah Morning News - Mario Incorvia  Savannah Morning News
Savannah Morning News
Steve Bisson/Savannah Morning News - Mario Incorvia
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Minding the Arts


Mario Incorvaia


Arts marketing director and auditorium manager at Armstrong Atlantic State University




Cleveland, Ohio


Wife Jennifer and two sons, Rocco, 7, and Bruno, 4


Bachelor’s in performance (violin) from Baldwin-Wallace University in Cleveland. A master’s in arts, liberal and professional studies from AASU.

what brought him to Savannah

“I moved to Savannah to take this job 14 years ago.”

what he does

“I market and promote the arts at Armstrong and schedule the auditoriums. These are all community engagement opportunities for the university. I also work with the recruiting office and alumni affairs. (My work) keeps me in touch with all of our regular patrons who come to the events.

“We produce more than 100 events a year including summer. These result in about 15,000 campus visits a year.”

the venues he manages

“Primarily Fine Arts Hall, our music venue. Each of our student ensembles perform at least three times a year. Faculty, students and guests perform together with some regularity. We also partner with the Georgia Music Education Association.

“A music student may perform four to five times including classical, jazz and choral recitals.

“Jenkins Hall houses our theatre group, the Masquers. We have two venues in Jenkins: the Main Stage and the Black Box Theater. The Main Stage has a ‘full fly system’ and is able to handle large sets and shows that reach a wide audience.

“The Black Box is where we produce plays on a smaller scale that take advantage of the closer proximity to the audience.

“Set, light and costume design are often done by the students. In the Black Box, shows are frequently directed by students. The opportunity for students to work at every level of a production is a hallmark of our program.

“Finally, there is the Fine Arts Gallery. There are 12 exhibits a year, many of which are student-centered. We host an alumni show every fall and an annual faculty show that will open the gallery in August.

“We also have a juried art show each year that draw artists from all over the country.

“All three of our programs — art, music and theatre — provide the opportunity for our students to build a portfolio.”

the most challenging thing about his work

“Everything that happens in our program has its place and importance. The challenge is to convey that importance.”

what he likes most about his work

“I like the breadth of the work. Actors, artists and musicians are very eclectic so I get to work with very interesting people.”

why he enjoys what he does

“I really enjoy being around creative people and the enthusiasm the students bring is infectious.”

how he got started

“I began as a performance major, but along the way, I realized I had a place in arts administration, so I added a business minor to my degree.”

how he keeps the public informed

“The public is a moving target in this community. We have to stay current and keep our records up to date. We send out two program announcements each year. (There is) a small advertising budget, and we use social media more and more.”

what he does in his spare time

“I don’t have much spare time. I stay busy as a performance violinist, and I volunteer on the boards of the Hilton Head Symphony and the Savannah Dance Festival. The most important thing I do with my discretionary time is spend it with my family.”

what it takes to get into his field

“You have to love the arts and have an energy that people will pick up on. You have to be organized. You have to try new ways of presenting your art form and analyzing how you would want your art to be perceived.”


Phone: 912-344-3169

Fax: 9121-344-3419

Internet: finearts@armstrong.edu

Compiled by Barry Ostrow

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