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Generation Next: Brent Burroughs

Age: 35

Title: Owner

Company: Burroughs Heat and Air LLC


Top three accomplishments

• Increased profit.

• Elevated customer satisfaction score to 98 percent on

• Improved company profile through marketing, community involvement and public relations.


Top awards/accolades

• Trane Comfort Specialist Program

• Generation Next


Current Philanthropic roles

• Savannah AMBUCS

• Wounded Warriors

• ALS Association


Questions and answers

Q: How will you do business differently in the coming year or decade?

A: I would like to grow my commercial customer base through service and new construction.

Q: What technological or cultural advances are you looking forward to in the coming year or decade?

A: I would like to use more technology in the field with my technicians. I plan on being paperless by summer 2015.

Q: What qualities or assets will distinguish Savannah and preserve/advance our local economy?

A: The historic district makes Savannah unique. There is a lot of history here that creates an interest for tourists.

Q: What economic drivers and business sectors promise the most growth in the next year or decade and why?

A: I would have to say Georgia Ports, Gulf Stream and SCAD.

Q: What college degrees will be the most in-demand in the Savannah area and why?

A: Computers and education

Q: What advice do you have for other Savannah leaders in the coming year or decade?

A: Be proactive rather than reactive. Don’t wait for things to happen, make them happen.

Q: What innovation of yours do you hope will be remembered by future generations?

A: Reducing energy consumption as well as providing comfort by utilizing the technology in the HVAC industry to provide only the best and most energy efficient products.


In Case You Missed It