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The Closing Question

Submitted by Ammie Dover on Sun, 05/21/2017 - 1:30pm

Have you ever had an amazing consultation with a prospective client that was going so well that you feel in your core that your products or services could really help that person and they have a receptive attitude to the process and then at the end of the conversation you hear, I just can’t afford it right now?  Has that ever happened to you?

Oh good, I thought I was the only one.

What if you could remove most of the fear of the all mighty dollar from the equation by asking one question?

What if more of those amazing consultations resulted in amazing clients?

What most fail to understand is that sales isn’t about the product.  Sales is about the result.  People buy products and services to achieve a desired result. They want an experience.  The product is a means by which the result is achieved.  Let's look at a few examples:

No one buys marketing because they want to pay money for something that they can’t even touch, non-less own.  They buy marketing for the result of increased sales.  The concept of internet marketing fascinates me.  Businesses pay thousands of dollars a month to have a presence in a space where no one is physically present yet everyone is always there. 

Some of you read that last sentence and the only thing you saw was thousands of dollars.  Others read that last sentence and saw the opportunity to be present where their customers exist.  The person who sees the opportunity for results will be your best client. 

Let’s take the sale of one of the most basic human needs.  People don’t buy houses merely for the sake of shelter.  They buy houses for the opportunity to live in a particular zip code or geographic region.  Successful realtors understand that one of the major reasons for the purchase is the location.  Are they buying because they want to be within a particular school zone?  Is it because they want to be close to work?  Close to family?  The beach?  Do they want a boat slip?  Access to a walking trail?  Delivering a product that gives someone an opportunity to satisfy that driving factor in their pursuit of purchase is what will ultimately convert a prospect to a happy client. 

Ammie’s Assignment: Consider a closing conversation that presents an opportunity for results, rather than an opportunity for purchase.  As you wrap up your next consultation, ask this single question:

If we could do _X_ that would result in _Y_, would you be interested in moving forward?

Let me know how it goes.  I’d love to hear from you.  Leave a comment below or email me directly:

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