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Top 3 Reasons Traditional Training is NOT Effective

Submitted by Ammie Dover on Tue, 12/19/2017 - 12:07pm

How many times have you hired a premier training company to teach classes for your emerging leaders and while the information was great, your team walked away with no idea how to actually implement the learning?

Here are my top three reasons why traditional training is NOT effective:

  1. The traditional training model is focused on selling classes not results. You don't want to buy a class, you want to buy results.
  2. Classes teach textbook material that focuses on best case scenario. When is the last time your department ran on best case scenario? The reality is, life happens every day. Customers happen every day. Equipment breaks every day. Your team is made up of a mix of people who came to you at varying levels of experiences, skills, attitudes and commitment. You don't want to learn how to implement textbook learning in best case scenario. You want to learn how to implement it with YOUR TEAM.
  3. There is no follow-on or follow-up from trainers to ensure that the material taught is actually being implemented. What happens when one of your emerging leaders has a question and they'd like some feedback but their immediate manager is busy putting out fires of their own? That emerging leader will do the best they can with the resources they have. That's great but what if they had better resources? Do you think they'd be able to make better decisions?

It's time to stop buying training and start demanding results! You do that by sourcing for training companies who have follow-on consulting packages. You want a training company who also aids with implementation. You want a company who is dedicated to helping you and your team implement the learning with your team, your customers, your issues, etc.

What you really need is a partner in implementation! Source for a training provider who can offer a long-term partnership for your team.

For an example of what that looks like, check out:

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