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Startup Grind Savannah: Fine-tuning Local Entrepreneurs as an Individual

Submitted by Dominick N. Biangone on Mon, 05/22/2017 - 12:17pm

If starting a business is the “American Dream,” then running and growing a business could easily be the “American Nightmare.” Being an Entrepreneur is a highly stressful job that can create an emotional turbulence few people understand. According to research by Shikhar Ghosh, a Harvard Business School lecturer, entrepreneurs face a high-risk of failure. Three out of four venture backed startups fail, and 95 percent of all startups fall short of their initial projections.

Those that do have the confidence to step out on their own can quickly find themselves faced with a myriad of challenges, both business and personal. These challenges can often be compounded by the infamous “fake it until you make it” myth, therefore many entrepreneurs struggle in silence. Unfortunately, there has been a sense that talking about their uncertainties, and how it affects them, is a sign of weakness. I believe the weakness is in not discussing it.

There are a lot of local resources for early stage entrepreneurs in the Savannah area. Places where you can build your strategy, define your marketing, or find financing, however there is only one organization that focuses on the personal side of entrepreneurship…Startup Grind Savannah.

Startup Grind Savannah is part of a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs through monthly business events and speaking series.

According to Patrick Bentley, Savannah Chapter Director, “It’s sort of a self-help group for entrepreneurs. A place where local entrepreneurs can fine-tune the individual that they are presently, in order to meet the demands of starting and growing a business. It’s the only event I know of where local business owners can come together and discuss what’s keeping them up at night. In return for their openness and honesty they receive support and friendly advice, not only from their peers, but also from the night’s featured speaker.”

Entrepreneurship is often a difficult, treacherous road, but relationships, connections and community make it easier. That’s exactly what Startup Grind Savannah provides.

Startup Grind Savannah’s next event is this evening, Monday May 22nd at the Bull Street Labs. For more information please visit

 Dominick N. Biangone is a business strategist, CEO of Confident Endeavors, and a member of the Association of Accredited Small Business Consultants. As a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of business leadership experience in Strategy, Marketing, Sales, and Operations, he has expert knowledge and skills in all facets of the business life cycle, and leads every project personally. Contact him via email at or call (843) 384-4846. For additional information visit