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Wonder where to send your news releases?

Submitted by Gale Baldwin on Wed, 10/17/2012 - 1:56pm

I recently had an inquiry from a local person new to her job in p.r. asking whether she was sending her information to the right editor.  Here's part of a response I send to her that might helpful to others out there:


In general, here are a few guidelines on where to send your releases.

 For anything related to ships or business activities, send them to  (she covers the port and writes a weekly column called Portside, which includes information about visiting ships of all types).

 For things relating to entertainment or food-related activities, send them to and/or  They oversee the Accent and DO sections where we run most of those items.

 When it comes time for the golf tournament, send all of that to or  Tony’s our sports editor, and Dennis covers golf.

 And if you’re unsure, send it to me or copy it to me, and I’ll send it along to the right person.  I  know it can be a little confusing, but maybe this will help.  

BTW, my email address is .

Obviously, this leaves out a lot of subject areas, but if you're unsure who should get your information, let me know and we'll direct it to the proper person. 


One frequently asked question is how do I get a Newsmaker into Exchange and BiS?  One of two ways: Go to and click on the 'submit a newsmaker' tab or go to and fill out the electronic form you'll find there.