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Thinking about a facelift for BiS

Submitted by Gale Baldwin on Thu, 02/21/2013 - 3:09pm

It's hard to believe for those of us who have been involved with BiS since the beginning that we've been doing this for three and a half years. 

Our first edition was published on July 29, 2009, and we just wrapped up the version for Feb. 20, 2013.

Before we started, we talked to a variety of business people and were told repeatedly that (1) there was a need and demand for a local business-oriented publication and (2) they wanted to read about people in business.

With that in mind, we designed a publication that was purposely up-scale in its appearance and that focused on profiles of executives and businesses and emphasized promotions and hirings as well as advisory columns from a network of professional business people.

Lawyers from HunterMaclean and accountants from Hancock Askew have consistently shared their knowledge with our readers.  The Chamber of Commerce has used BiS as one device for keeping members informed. Individual economists such as Kenneth Zapp -- and numerous others -- have been consistent contributors. 

And we appreciate all of them.

Now here's the question:  Is it time to give BiS a bit of a facelift? To redesign all or portions of it? To add or subtract content?  And, if so, what should we do. 

We recently invited a small brain-storming group to talk about their ideas on BiS, and they offered several suggestions -- a business advice column, better use of photos with the news stories, a monthly 'dashboard' of business data and others.

What do you think?  If you have any thoughts on what we could do to make BiS better, fresher, more relevant, please feel free to share your comments here or email them to

In the meantime, thanks for reading BiS in print or online.