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AAA is predicting a 'robust' year for vacations

Submitted by Gale Baldwin on Tue, 02/26/2013 - 2:50pm


For about  five years now -- since the beginning of the Great recession --  it's been a fairly common practice for a lot of people to limit where they go and how much they spend on vcation.

The word 'staycation' even was created to describe the experience of spending time away from work on the family homestead.

Now, AAA says that's changing, and they expect  2013 to be a "robust year for travel."

Information released today by the  AAA says 83 percent of Georgia residents plan to travel this year and 62 percent will take two to three vacations of four days or more.

The study found 75 percent of the state's residents plan to take a vacation at least 50 miles from home within the next three months, and 80 percent of travelers say they expect to spend up to $2,000 on their leisure trip.

The survey shows an almost even split on how Georgia travelers plan to pay for their vacations -- 54 percent with credit cards, the rest with cash.

And AAA doesn't expect high gas prices to hinder travel plans.

Where will Georgians go? The top five types of vacations they plan to take this year are:

 Beach Trips (51%); a city destination (50%), a cruise (30%); international travel (26%) and a theme park trip (21%). 

All of which should bode well for tourism in Savannah.