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Raising a southern gentleman and keeping him that way

Submitted by Kevin Cartee on Mon, 01/21/2013 - 9:23am



(SAVANNAH, Ga.)-  He sips tea the proper way, says he holds the door open for all women (whoever is behind him, actually, regardless of gender), does not swear (cuss, use profanity, whatever your pleasure), he definitely has more than one nice suit, and the list of gentleman qualities goes on.  

He is Kevin Cartee.

The stylist was born in the south and said his parents raised him to be a gentleman.  

"To be a gentleman is to put others before yourself," said Kevin Cartee, owner of Cartee Image Consultants.  Cartee has long said that class and etiquette is a huge part of being "stylish."

"You need to think about the words that come out of your mouth. You need to tone down the 'wirty dords' as I like to call them," he said.  

Cartee also said that men should use gracious language when interrupting.  "Excuse me" goes a long way in Cartee's opinion.

Offer your arm, open doors, and stand back in elevators are three more of Cartee's suggestions for becoming, returning to, or maintaining the southern gentleman persona.  

Other tips from Cartee:
- Don't flaunt your riches. 
- No grooming in public 
- Have at least one well-made suit
- Tip quietly and generously 

"Is it okay to 'go Dutch' on the first date?" jokingly asked morning meteorologist Jonathan Myers during the style segment on WJCL's Good Morning Savannah.  

"No, that is not okay," repeated Cartee a few times.  Cartee wouldn't think about asking the girl to split the bill with him on a first (or 20th) date.