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GRATIAS: Productivity in the Generational Divide

Submitted by Melissa Gratias on Thu, 02/23/2017 - 8:30am

“You’re old and stale and holding the company back.”

“You’re young, inexperienced, and a big slacker.”


Maybe these things aren’t being said aloud, but unless you are living under a rock, you’ve likely experienced the tension between the older and younger generations in the workplace.


In February 2017, I witnessed an excellent first step toward bridging this divide by Asbury Memorial UMC's youth group.  Inspired by an article in the New York Times on reverse mentoring, church leaders gathered together the high school students in our youth group and planned a Tech Workshop.  The youth group members were going to be the teachers and the more “seasoned” church members were the students.


Below is the cute advertisement they did one Sunday… 


They had over 30 adults in the church attend the workshop.  Amazing.


Check out the news coverage of the day.

There were different stations for the various devices.  There were Boomers and Gen Z kids laughing together.  Amazing.



You could totally do this in your organization.

Want to experience a productivity gain in your company?  Host a Tech Workshop.  Chances are the younger folks will volunteer to be mentors and older ones will sign up to be the mentees.  So many expectations for coaching and developing others are put on our more experienced workers.  Why not give them a chance to learn a new trick or two?





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