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Attention Those Who Work From Home in Savannah! Tips To Get More Done

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Thu, 07/06/2017 - 12:23pm

The trend is growing in Savannah and throughout the country of people who work from home. These could be employees of a company or someone working freelance in order to support themselves. The one thing that both types of workers strive for is to see an increase in productivity month after month. For those working for themselves this can help increase income week after week. For those working for others this can have you on an upward trajectory as far as your career goes. The following are tips to get more done while working from home.

Rent An Office or Create a Space

Undoubtedly one of the most frustrating things about working from home is having kids and significant others respect your work time and area. Pets can even be a huge distraction if you have an attention addicted dog or cat. Having a place that you can go to work could not be more important as distraction free working will help boost your productivity. Not all families are fortunate enough to have a room that can be turned into an office. Another option is that of investing in metal building kits to build your own work retreat. All that has to be done is running electric out to the garage you have built and possibly installing a window AC unit. Building your own place to work can help boost your property value as well which is an added bonus. 

Track Your Daily and Weekly Progress

A majority of people will say that they would like to be more productive but fail to track their current results. This makes it very difficult to set a baseline of productivity to hold yourself to. Guessing your productivity levels simply does not work as you might give yourself too much or too little credit for the work accomplished during the day. Using a week where you work you do your average amount of work to set the baseline is wise. Then a small incremental boost in productivity each day can have you running at optimum levels in a matter of weeks. Don’t just work harder but also find smarter ways to work more efficiently.

Start Early Even Though You Don’t Have To

The one thing that many freelancers and work from home professionals love is to sleep in. This can be extremely damaging to productivity especially for those people who have other commitments later in the day. The most successful people get an early start to their days in order to get work done before other people have even hit the snooze alarm. The day can start early with a workout or simply with a cup of coffee while catching up on email at the kitchen table. Get work done during errands and use your smartphone to your advantage as a full day’s work can be done for some simply using this.

Caffeine is Your Friend

There are going to be rainy days where all you want to do is take a nap. Caffeine will help you get through these tough times as it can help with productivity if taken in the right doses. Everyone knows their caffeine intake so don’t overdo it or you could be riddled with anxiety and distraction as large doses of caffeine have a negative impact on productivity. There are those people who drink a pot or two of coffee a day, this is not condoning that type of intake. Supplement your diet with caffeine during the points in the day you feel tired or unmotivated, you won’t regret it.

As you can see working from home is not always going to be easy if your goal is to increase productivity. Take the time to test these tips to see which one helps take your productivity to the next level!