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Working For Yourself: Tips To Stay Productive

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Thu, 07/20/2017 - 11:57am

There are more and more people who are working for themselves whether they run a small company or they work freelance. The fact is that not everyone is cut out to work at home for themselves as they might not be very productive. It is quite easy to lose a day doing errands or dealing with another issue that came up at home. When working for yourself being 20 percent more productive could mean you are making 20 percent more money which nobody can complain about. The following are tips that will help you stay productive even on those days you are lacking motivation completely.

Work Early Or Nightowl Hours

One of the most difficult things to do is to get up early in the morning when you are working for yourself. Nothing is better than turning off the alarm and going back to sleep. The problem with this is that it quickly becomes a habit which cuts into your day. Getting up early to work will help you become more productive as there are fewer distractions as most of the world is sleeping. The same goes to working night hours as some people prefer. Trucking jobs are the perfect example of this as many people who work transporting things would rather work at night due to reduced traffic. Get in those extra hours in the morning or at night instead of binge watching another Netflix series.

Set Rules For Children or Significant Others

Nothing can ruin a productive day like the distraction of other people or even a pet. A home office is the perfect retreat to get away from these things and you should turn it into a kid-free zone during your working hours. Significant others tend to look at time you are home as time to spend together. This simply is not a reality when you work from home so it is important to set hours when you have to do things. It is easy to go out for a long lunch but resist the urge as this will eat into your day.

Don’t Get Behind on Weekends

The worst thing that many freelancers or small business owners can do is get behind on the weekend. Certain industries shut down over weekends so this is not intended for them. Others never sleep with emails and calls seeming to come in on a constant basis. While you can turn off your phone you use for work it is quite easy to respond to emails and set an agenda for the upcoming week. Use your smartphone assistant to remind you about certain things that may slip your mind after a long weekend. A few hours in the morning on the weekend should suffice to clear out emails or get tedious work done you can’t seem to get to during the week.

Schedule All Calls or Meetings For One Day if Possible

Meetings and calls with clients can eat up an entire day whether you are waiting for the call or on the way to the meeting. Schedule these on the same day of the week if possible in order to minimize distractions for the rest of the week. With online calendars this can be made easy to remember as notifications will pop up on your email as well as your smartphone if you have them synced. The day of meetings might leave you drained but it is better to have 4 days of the week to work productively than to be distracted on multiple days by meetings.

Those who are productive that work for themselves need to stay motivated but the above tips can help them keep focus. The life of a business owner or freelancer offers quite a bit of freedom so enjoy it!