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How The Restaurant Industry is Morphing in the Age of Technology

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Tue, 09/12/2017 - 11:03am

Technology is looking to advance industries while eliminating others like taxi cab companies. The restaurant industry is no different as many people simply order out as it has become easier than ever with the need for minimal human interaction. The physical restaurant business is also changing immensely with the need to create an experience rather than simply a meal. Everything from reservations to finding out what is on the menu used to be done over the phone but now checking the Yelp App saves the consumer time. The following are the various ways that the restaurant industry is changing in the age of technology.

Being More Environmentally Friendly

In Savannah we love the beautiful water and environment that surrounds us on a daily basis. For this reason supporting companies that only use the most environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques and materials. Mr. Bouchareb who is the CEO of Restaurantware had this to say “Americans use 500 million drinking straws, furthermore increasing the need for companies like Restaurantware that are innovating for the environment in creating eco-friendly restaurant supplies." Consumers are as educated as ever doing the right thing has never been more important so even if it is switching to bamboo plates for the next event you cater can make a huge difference.

Get Nearly Anything Delivered

The time of only being able to get pizza and Chinese food delivered to your door in many locations is over. Now it is possible to get food delivered from nearly any restaurant that offers takeout. The apps that are commonly used are UberEats, Grubhub, and even Yelp has an app called Eat24. Scheduling these deliveries for the future can be a huge advantage as coming home 5 minutes before food is delivered is a great feeling! Delivery drivers for these apps can now make more money than in the past as they are not limited to delivering one specific type of food.

Reviews Both Fake and Real Can Impact Business Immensely

Reviews on restaurants can be extremely critical as someone going to a fast food restaurant expecting 5 star service will nearly always be disappointed. Those in the restaurant industry need to be aware and respond to both positive and negative reviews for the restaurant. Do not get into a conflict but rather try to resolve whatever problem there might have been to encourage another visit. With that being said, there are people who are just trying to start problems and get something for free. Most reviewers will mention names of staff they encountered so asking staff about this specific situation might be advantageous. This can help separate the legitimate complaints from those people who were infuriated when the fanciest restaurant in town does not have a menu for a toddler. Fake reviews are another huge problem as rival restaurants often try to push the rating down for their competitors. Consumers generally go with the highest rated restaurant in their search so reporting these comments is necessary to keep a clean reputation.

The restaurant industry seems to be changing for the better with the increase of technology in our everyday lives. The consumers being more informed allows truly good service to be noticed and reviewed. The reputation of a restaurant can be more important than the quality of the food. Keep this in mind going forward when managing reviews. Take advantage of these new opportunities and start profiting from them now!