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What to Consider When Opening a Business in Savannah

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Wed, 09/20/2017 - 11:05am

Opening a business of your own is one of the greatest accomplishments that someone can attain professionally. Being able to work for yourself gives you a sense of pride like no other. It also places the failure or success of your finances, business, and employees directly on your decision making.

Savannah can be a very attractive location for a variety of industries, especially those revolving around tourism or entertainment. The following are aspects should be considered when opening a business in the great city of Savannah.   

Office Location

Businesses that deal directly with tourists, such as restaurants and those within the retail sector are going to need a location that will attract high foot fall. The downtown areas are great for this, or close to one of the many attractions. For those who do not require foot traffic, such as an engineering firm or marketing company, money can be saved by opting for a location that is slightly further out from the tourist hot spots. Savannah is a very desirable place to live and if people have never visited before, once they do, they won’t want to leave, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to attract talent from the southeast and possibly the entire country depending on the nature and success of your business. Workspace in Savannah might be a little more expensive than surrounding areas but it is still less than a larger city like Washington DC or Los Angeles.

Assessing the Market

Many founders of businesses think that just because a city does not have a certain type of store that it will automatically thrive because of a lack of competition. This could not be further from the truth. An ice cream man in Minnesota probably only does well one or two months a year, so it’s important to do your research. Take a look at the local market to see what direct competition you will have, if there is no competition, also ask yourself why? Is it that no one has thought of your business idea yet, or is it the fact that your businesses is not required here. For example, you wouldn’t open a flip flop shop in Alaska

If your business does not rely on location to sell its product or service, then Savannah is still a great place to call home. Persuading clients to visit for an important meeting, will be much easier than if you were located somewhere in the middle of Kansas.

How Much You Want To Grow

The growth of the business is something to think about. Some entrepreneurs aspire to world domination and want their business to be a household name, whilst others are happy doing well financially for themselves. Savannah is a great location to grow throughout the southeast. Those who need to ship things internationally or receive things from overseas, will benefit as Savannah has one of the largest container ports in the country.

Research has shown that Savannah is booming and without any signs of slowing down in the slightest. Those who are considering opening a business here will be doing it in one of the most vibrant and historical cities that the USA has to offer. The most important thing to do, as with any business, is proper research before expanding or starting. A lack of research is one of the biggest reasons companies fail and can leave a business bankrupt in a matter of months.