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How Traffic Can Impact Businesses

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Mon, 09/25/2017 - 1:55pm

Traffic is the worst, everyone avoids it when possible but it is a fact of life that you will sit in a traffic jam from time to time. Traffic can lead people to not want to leave their home as they know it will be a mistake as soon as they leave. This obviously impacts businesses immensely as a lack of desire to go out can hurt the economy of a city. The location of a business is also paramount as hard to get to locations will be passed up for a more convenient option. The following are ways that traffic can impact businesses.

  1. Lack of Business During Certain Hours

The city of Austin, Texas makes the traffic in Savannah look like child’s play. A number of delivery businesses do not operate during the rush hour as the traffic everywhere in Austin is terrible. This obviously impacts business as many businesses could be much more profitable without the presence of traffic. The more people in the city, the more traffic there will be so it is important to find a location with a good balance. This can also impact the restaurant business as people do not want the stress of having to deal with traffic just to have a nice meal.

  1. Foot Traffic

Foot traffic  is something that Savannah has a lot of in certain areas in the downtown area as well as popular tourist areas. Businesses like gift shops or restaurants depend on the customers who come into shop or eat because it is convenient. For those businesses that do not rely on foot traffic it can be beneficial to open a business in a less popular part of town as the rent is less.

  1. Lost Productivity

Anyone who has managed a large group have encountered when a main highway leading to the place of business has a catastrophic accident. This could mean an hour or two delay for many employees coming to work.  Traffic can also be to blame for those businesses with strict time policies as a person might be late through no fault of their own. This can lead to termination which leads to more employee turnover which can hurt a business immensely. It costs thousands of dollars in productivity to train somebody and make them profitable.

  1. How To Mitigate These Problems

There are only a few reliable platforms used to help drivers avoid traffic, so using these can help reduce instances where people run into congestion. Websites such as Waze and TrafficZebra can also direct you to the path of least resistance by helping you avoid all kinds of car crashes as well as slowdowns due to construction. A select few also allow you to find the toll roads, if you are trying to save money on your commute daily. Giving staff a flex schedule which allows them to come in anytime in a few hour window can help reduce productivity being lost due to traffic.

As you can see bad traffic can be quite negative when it comes to the economy of a city. For those cities with great public transportation this can be an option instead of taking a car but for many cities this is not a reliable way to get to work daily. Comment below other issues related to business that traffic has caused for you.