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How To Build A Winning Team At Your Company

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Sat, 10/14/2017 - 11:53am

Savannah has a thriving market for young and talented professionals along with professionals with a bit of experience. For these reasons it is quite possible to put together a team that will take your company to the next level. This will take a combination of planning and honestly a bit of luck. Setting yourself up for success as a company starts at the most basic level, the people that you hire. The following are tips that will help you build a winning team regardless of the company that you run.

Take Interviewees Out Socially

One thing about bringing in a new person to the office is the energy that they will bring in on a daily basis. Some people can nail an interview but generally can be a negative person which is something that you shouldn’t foster in the workplace. Taking the person out socially will be able to let you know a few more things about them. Being able to control their drinking is one of these things as Savannah has quite a bar scene. The most important thing is that the person does not change totally from their interview. The real person might come out after a beer or two which could be a great or poor thing.

Allow Teams To Bond

Teams that work well together and genuinely like their coworkers can become amazingly profitable. Fostering the relationships between these coworkers should be done very carefully. Forcing employees to go out to lunch or something like that simply can make things weird in the office. Send the sales team out on a team lunch a few times a month to help them bond. For this reason small talk should never be shunned unless it is getting in the way of productivity. Small conversations between coworkers can make it easier to ask for things you need to complete a job as there is an established relationship.

Encourage Things Like Team Competitions

Competition can bring out the best in your team’s so something like a team sales contest with a reward like a work from home day can help boost sales and morale. The team might even have t-shirts printed or screen printing ideas to propose the idea of a custom piece of material. Keep the competitions monthly or quarterly as yearly contests tend to die out. Smaller weekly contests with a free lunch can help as well. Company initiatives for health or charity can also help get the competition going with donations going to a great cause or people being in better shape than ever.

Hire The Most Versatile Applicants

The obvious snooping should be done by a hiring manager on an applicant’s social media profiles. There are going to be applicants that might have a variety of places they can fit in at the company. Make sure to hire these people as they can be used as a Swiss Army Knife of production. A person who can sell, market, and advertise should be hired before an expert in one of the 3 areas. Athletes should be put to the front of the line as many jobs can be looked upon as a competition which these people thrived at. College athletes should the ability to juggle a variety of important things as they did this with class and practice daily. These hires will generally respond best to competitions in the office as they are competitive in nature.

Building the ultimate team is going to take time and an exhaustive interview process. Do not be afraid to help employees develop and take their careers to the next level. Those companies that help employees develop immensely tend to have high employee loyalty. Take the time to pick out the team that makes profits skyrocket!