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How To Keep Your Employees Communicating With Each Other and Clients Efficiently

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Mon, 11/06/2017 - 1:57pm

The most important thing in business relationships is that of communication. A staff that communicates efficiently between each other and clients help with customer retention due to better customer service. With all of the technology available it has become easier than ever to communicate with staff even if they are located halfway around the world. Great managers make the process of communication as efficient as possible with everyone knowing who to contact if they need anything specific. The following are tips that will help you increase communication among staff as well as with clients.

Recap Emails Are Essential

There are going to be clients that seem to never remember anything about what had been discussed in a meeting or call. The forgetful clients can swamp your staff with numerous questions that have already been covered. Sending a recap email of all of the highlights of a meeting or call can allow your client to look back at the email in order to remember certain details. This can be done with staff as well as many people think of meetings as a time to relax rather than listen. This will also help document certain things that were said as sometimes a paper trail is needed in order to reprimand an employee who did not follow directions.

Headsets Make Communication Easier

Taking a look at a business office phone headset review is important before making any purchases. It is important that the headsets that you invest in not only are comfortable but are optimized for productivity. The sales team and customer service teams will find this easier to speak to customers and those they want to sell to. Nothing is worse than hearing background noise while talking to someone else on the phone. These headsets will reduce the noise that the receiver of the call can hear. Take a look at in order to find out the specific on the headsets you might need for your company.

Meet Daily To Recap The Day Before

The heads of each department should have an update on what their teams are working on. This can be covered during a quick meeting in the morning where departments can be told what priority is and what can be pushed off until the next day or week. The most important thing about these meetings is getting everyone on the same page. Staff that do not realize what project should be completed first can lead to missed deadlines. A weekly recap can be done in order to see progress on certain projects. Milestone should be assigned to these projects in order to keep everything on a timeline. Managers that do not assign milestones can be caught in a tough situation with a missed deadline if this is not communicated to them. Ask if staff needs a few more days to complete a project, many clients are willing to work with a company if it is just a matter of a few days.

As you can see you can start impacting the quality of communication in the office nearly immediately. A staff with seamless communication is going to be more productive than those who struggle to communicate. Utilize all of the tools that technology offers to do this and you won’t regret it.