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A Great Way to Raise Efficiency: Your Material Handling System

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Fri, 11/10/2017 - 4:15am

As a business owner, you try to do everything you possibly can to make your business a success. You have taken your time and assembled the perfect team to handle the various parts of it. If you have a retail operation, then you have given much thought to manufacturing the ideal range of products, so consumers can become intrigued by what your business is all about, based on your selections, and can become repeat customers, and existing customers can remain as such. You have also likely spent sleepless nights devising your company’s financial, operational, and management plans and marketing campaigns—online and otherwise—to ensure it prospers. What may not have received as much attention is the material handling solutions you intend to use to keep your inventory of goods stored properly and easily transportable. What goes on in the warehouse stays in the warehouse is the view of some business owners. That view can also be a very costly mistake.


Your warehouse can be the linchpin in your operation. Failing to establish a good system for organization in this critical area can have a negative effect on your production numbers, among other detriments. Poor warehouse management can result in your receiving faulty data that could lead to a sales leak that flatlines what you have worked so hard to sustain.


Here is what you need to know about having a satisfying business with a good material handling system.


Understanding What Material Handling Is Exactly


Material handling, which you are just as likely to see shown or referred to as materials handling, has to do with the entire operation of loading and unloading, palletizing and unpalletizing, storing, protecting, and moving materials within your warehouse. Of course, it is applicable to all storage-type facilities with a similar purpose as warehouses, where goods are being kept either temporarily or for longer periods of time. Distribution centers and fulfillment centers, for example, are also places where goods are kept, but these types of centers are used to facilitate much more than just static storage. There is manual material handling in which human personnel alone is doing the moving, and there is the automated kind of material handling. With automated material handling, lift trucks, cranes, conveyor belt systems, and other forms of equipment are used for similar purposes, such as to pick up materials, place them in a specific configuration, and move them from their resting place to a docking station or another location where they will be transported from the facility.


Finding the Right Storage Products


Whether you have a large warehouse or a small one, you need to have the best storage products and other suitable material handling equipment. The best material handling systems are “rightsized” for a business’s warehouse space and will depend on your storage capacity needs. As you investigate your options, you will find that retailers today offer warehouse and other storage facility products to match every desire. You will find cantilever racks, wire mesh containers, and all kinds of pallets, to name a few. You will also find both semiautomatic and automatic solutions to consider for the system you intend to update or put in place. When you have the right solutions, you can maximize floor space, optimize movement, and dramatically increase profits. Even a small incremental increase in your efficiencies in this area can produce impressive returns.


Training Staff Properly


As you embark on the path to developing a first-rate material handling system that will suit your needs, remember to train the warehouse staff sufficiently. That should not be an oversight or an understatement. The equipment and facility will only be as good as the staffers who use them, so see to it that they learn the nitty-gritty of the operation and, if necessary, can carry out basic maintenance activities as a preventive measure against faulty equipment from time to time. Their understanding of and adherence to improved storage layout options you will have devised, possibly with their assistance or with the assistance of outsourced professionals, will ensure you realize the gains you hope to achieve.


You can clearly see how beneficial it is to reconsider your material handling system. If you are doing everything else right, it would be a shame for you to suffer due to a suboptimal system. All it takes is doing a walk-through and seeing for yourself how everything looks and make adjustments as needed. If you can plug up some holes and replace the bad with the good, then you can see efficiencies you may have missed before.