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4 Tips for Getting a New Job

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Thu, 11/16/2017 - 8:20am

The professional world can be difficult especially for recent grads or someone who is switching jobs after a decade or two in the same industry. The world of getting jobs has changed immensely with job finding websites as well as social media with the platform LinkedIn. A significant portion of people use their personal contacts to try to find a job, but sometimes this simply does not work. The following are a few tips to getting a new job or switching careers efficiently.

Apply Even Though You Don’t Meet All Requirements

Many people disqualify themselves from a job if they do not meet one of the requirements. What many people do not realize is that relevant experience can make up for another certification or degree that is required for a job. Apply to these jobs, as many of these requirements are designed to weed out people who are totally unqualified for the job. The most important thing during this process is to make sure that your resume is up to date and that all of your relevant experience is listed. Learning how to write a cover letter is also important as many people want a custom cover letter that pertains directly to the job they have open. Most hires are not completely qualified, but this does not mean that they cannot perform a job. For example, a creative writing major might not have any experience in writing blog posts for a marketing company, but they do have the skills necessary to do so.

Utilize Your Network

The majority of people do not cash in the professional contacts that they’ve cultivated because of ego. Previous work experience has put you into contact with a vast amount of people that you have worked with as well as worked for over the years. A client at your previous job that you have built a relationship with may be able to help you get a job whether it is at their company or another company that they have a contact. There are perks to delivering great customer service and leaving your job in the correct fashion to cash in on these favors.

Respond To All Recruiters

Recruiters have gotten a bad name. Some jobseekers think that recruiters charge money to help in a job search. While they do get a percentage of your salary if you are hired, it doesn’t come out of your pocket. Rather, the employer who hires you pays those fees. Utilize these recruiters because they can also help you with your resume and prep you for interview questions. The recruiter wants you to get hired just like you do so it is important to prep with the recruiter even if you are more than qualified for the job. The recruiters work directly with hiring managers so they understand what qualities they are looking for in an employee and can guide you through the process.

Freelance Until You Find Your Ideal Job

For jobs that can be done from home, you should freelance for a while until you find exactly the right fit. Web designers, content writers, customer service reps, and a whole host of other professionals can make a living working from home while they are looking for a job. The fact that these freelancer platforms connect companies and contractors is just an added bonus. Many people get hired full-time from these platforms if they perform the job they are assigned on time and at high quality. The addition of being able to work from home for a new company can add freedom to your daily schedule that you previously did not have. Build a network of consistent clients, and you might not have to work for anyone else besides yourself for life!

As you can see finding a job is not as easy as it had once been. Going to pick up an application is a dated concept for many jobs so see what job listings are online. This will maximize your time when applying as well as give you practice filling out questionnaires for potential employment.