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Working From Home and Staying Healthy As Well as Productive

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Fri, 11/24/2017 - 9:24am

More and more people are getting the opportunity to work from home than ever before. Technology has made a person’s presence in the office unnecessary as even face to face meetings can be done over a computer or smartphone. This does not mean that everyone is going to thrive when they are working from home. There are those who need to be watched in order to perform their job as they need to be motivated rather than having intrinsic motivation. Health can be a concern if you are forced to sit all day during work but working from home gives you an opportunity to exercise and even boost productivity doing so. The following are tips to stay productive and healthy while working from home.

Get Up Early and Workout

Most people think of those that work at home as people who get up whenever they want. This in some cases is true but those that are truly productive usually get an early start to their day. Getting up and working out while setting an agenda for the day or answering emails can be done early. Combing through work emails and setting an agenda can be done in between sets or while you are on a stationary bike. This not only gives you a head start but it also gets your blood flowing so you will be more productive once you really start to work. Setting an agenda will help you maximize the rest of your day so take the time to do this while working out as well.

Do a Set of Pushups or Jumping Jacks When You Are Tired

Plenty of people start to fade in productivity as the day drags on. This hits especially hard around an hour after lunch where you feel like you could fall asleep in an instant. Breaking through this mental fatigue can be done by getting up and doing something physical. Back problems can arise from sitting down for long periods of time so this can help reduce back pain as well. Getting your heart rate up can help you be as productive after lunch as you were during your caffeine-fueled morning. Push-ups and jumping jacks are good options while others might take their dog out for a walk. Regardless of which option you choose it is the freedom of working from home that allows you to do this without embarrassment.

Protecting Your Hands and Eyes

The fact that you work at home means that you most likely are on the computer the entire day. Excessive typing can lead to issues with carpal tunnel syndrome or simply having aching hands all of the time. There are keyboards that are specifically made for this reason which will reduce the stress put on your wrists as your hands. Anyone who has had typing induced pain knows that it can be incredible painful and destroy productivity for the day. Staring at a computer screen all day can lead to digital eye strain, which can result in numerous problems. Blurry vision and problems focusing are two common symptoms that you are straining your eyes. Another productivity destroyer is that of a headache as getting the most work done is rarely done with a pounding head. There are strain reducing computer glasses from Felix Gray that filter blue light and eliminate glare which can help alleviate symptoms of digital eye strain. Your hands and eyes are at risk so make sure you protect them as there are products on the market that will do so.

Working from home does give a person more freedom than ever but it doesn’t come easily to everyone. Protect your job by staying productive and your body by staying healthy. A healthy person is always going to be more productive at the end of the year than the person who is constantly sick or calling out.