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Marketing Your Business Online in Savannah and Beyond!

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Tue, 12/12/2017 - 12:03pm

The world of business has exploded as you can sell products all over the world. This can make business much more competitive as in many countries a low salary in the US is quite a bit of money for a job where they live. Marketing online is one of the most important things that you can do. People ask for referrals on where to eat or stay from friends and families but always end up looking up reviews online. The right marketing approach can help you surpass competitors with a comparable product and price. The following are tips to marketing in Savannah as well as the entire country/world.

Local SEO

Local SEO are the search engines rankings for a specific location or region. This is important as many people who live in Savannah will search to see where to get their next haircut or even charter a fishing boat. While local SEO is extremely important regular SEO is just as if not more important. Savannah being such a huge tourist destination leaves much of its economy up to tourism. Tourists are going to plan where they will eat ahead of time so local rankings might not work out. Stand out from the crowd as nobody is going  to go passed the first page of results so your business has to start with SEO now. Many business owners are starting to learn about SEO only to learn it is a vast world with growing importance.

Link Build on Relevant Sites

Most business owners are going to want to outsource their online marketing. Building an efficient in-house marketing team can be extremely expensive and it does not guarantee a good ROI. Outsourcing is dangerous though as there are some companies that will help boost your rankings immensely only to have used tactics that could lead to your site being deindexed from Google. Anytime your content marketing and link building contractors come back with a report, take a look at the links they have built to make sure they make sense on the site. Do not let a poor decision in contractors lead your site to be deindexed as this can be a death sentence for a seasonal business.

Respond To Reviews and Social Media Posts

One thing that plenty of people look at are the reviews of a certain restaurant or even dry cleaners. There are always going to be those miserable people who review everything bad because they are unhappy with themselves. Treat these reviewers with respect and apologize for their poor experience but do not admit fault if you have done nothing wrong. Those who give you great reviews can get a response too as you always want repeat customers as these are what keep businesses like restaurants in business. Social media has become a place where people expect a response like it is a customer service line. Treat this like a Yelp page and be respectful even when a person is being unreasonable. Watch out for rival companies creating fake profiles to hurt your name and report them to the proper platform to have their account disabled.

As you can see this just hits the tips of the iceberg when it comes to marketing online. Be as proactive about your online marketing as you can as it is only growing in importance!