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Working From Home and Staying Productive: Is It Possible?

Submitted by Tommy Wyher on Mon, 12/18/2017 - 10:15am

Working from home is the ultimate goal of many people who would love to run a business out of their house. This helps cut down on the commuting time and simply makes life much more convenient. The one drawback about working from home is the multitude of distractions that can come from pets or children. Even if you are not working for yourself then you still need to be as productive as possible when working from home for your employer. Lack of productivity might turn into a lack of job or the loss of the privilege to work from home. The following are ways that will help you stay productive when working from home on a long term basis.

Don’t Sleep In!

Too many people want to work from home so they get to sleep in until their heart desires. This can be a huge kick to productivity as when family starts arriving home from work or school, the distractions will start to compound. Get up at a regular hour to a nice cup of tea or coffee to get your work started early. You likely will still get extra sleep and start work before your peers who have to take a long commute to the office. Getting your sleep schedule to a science is important because if you can train yourself to get up early and start working, you will be more productive than other or make more money for yourself if you are running your own company.

Kid and Spouse-Free Zones

The home lives of work from home entrepreneurs are not as glamorous as many people think. There are going to be a plethora of distractions with most of the distraction coming from children or a significant other. For this reason there should be certain hours in your office that you cannot be bothered. It is important to stress that even though you are home that you are not available to run errands or anything of this nature. While this seems harsh it happens far too often that people do not respect the work from home lifestyle. Work still has to be done even if it is from the comfort of your own home.

Track Productivity Daily and Weekly To Optimize Routine

The one thing that can be done when working from home is changing up your routine. You will find that you get more done if you take down the hardest tasks first thing in the morning. Things like administrative work can be done in the afternoon while you are getting a bit distracted. This can help you stay motivated as all you might have left on your agenda is emailing a few clients back or invoicing some clients. Things like emails in the morning can be done but make sure that you do not check your email more than once per hours to optimize efficiency. An email from a client can derail another task you are currently trying to complete.

As you can see you will have to be proactive about your productivity when working from home. It is a great opportunity to be able to work from home so do not take advantage of the situation if you are working for another company. If you are working for yourself then lack of productivity is directly correlated with how much money you will or will not be making. Working for yourself means that if you do 10 percent more work that you will actually get to receive this money instead of a fraction of it when working for someone else.