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Mary Carr Mayle

There’s a new SEDA operating in Savannah, and it’s causing more than a little confusion. The Augusta commercial real estate firm of Blanchard & Calhoun recently rebranded itself Southeastern Development Associates and is using the acronym SEDA.

Katie Martin

Yvonne Jouffrault’s business has customers around the globe, although, admittedly, she rarely speaks with them. Jouffrault is the CEO and founder of Tour Buddy apps, an online software that allows visitor destinations around the world to create their own iOS and Android apps.

Bill Dawers / City Talk

Last week, the city of Savannah launched Just the FAQs, “a new web feature to help answer pressing questions the public may have about decisions the city has made, or services it offers.”

Bea Wray

I am so looking forward to another great experience at this year’s ninth annual Mayor’s Small Business Conference on Wednesday, Sept. 30, in the Savannah Civic Center ballroom.

This year’s theme is Small Business, the Backbone of Our Economy, and organizers are expecting more than 250 members of the business community to attend.

Michael Owens

t’s no secret there’s a rivalry between Savannah and Charleston. Maybe you’ve heard the adage, “Savannah is Charleston’s younger sister.” 

Like a good sibling rivalry, you’re stronger when you work together. I’ve seen this be the case in tourism.

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