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Mary Carr Mayle

Savannah native Tom Mahoney Jr. wore many hats in his long and distinguished legal career, but none was more important to him than his role as a family man.

Katie Nussbaum

A Savannah State University professor is poised to potentially help millions with her recently discovered chemical compound that could help combat the effects of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s or ALS.

Bill Dawers / City Talk

How has the Savannah economy changed during the Obama presidency? Before I give some wonky answers to that question, I should note that U.S. presidents are frequently given too much credit and too much blame for economic shifts that happen on their watch.

Michael Owens

Food & Dining

When we’re aiming to get warming comfort in a hurry on a weeknight, nothing fills the bill quite like that American favorite, the casserole. Almost a complete meal in itself, a casserole requires little more than a salad and warm roll, muffin, or biscuit to round it out.