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Mary Carr Mayle

Until the recent Delta debacle, 2016 was shaping up to be a fairly turbulence-free year for airline passengers.

Katie Nussbaum

The state of the lodging industry across the nation has seen a bit of a slow down in the past year, but the industry is still operating on a high level, according to Mark Woodworth, senior managing director for CRBE Hotels.

Bill Dawers / City Talk

Last week brought some welcome news for some Savannah entrepreneurs.

Ending years of wrangling and lengthy bureaucratic delays, Savannah city council approved new alcohol and food truck ordinances at last week’s meeting.

Michael Owens

What does tourism mean to you? For some, it means a lucrative career or an entry-level job that provides transferable skills to other fields. For others, it means a vacation from work or the next trip for which they’re saving.

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