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Tips for the best workplace holiday party

Many offices host parties for staff come the holiday season. These work events are a great way to thank employees for their year of service and encourage coworkers to interact in a more casual fashion.

Most employees eagerly await the opportunity to let loose with their coworkers and share a few laughs at the height of the holiday season. However, holiday parties can be a lot of work and require management and employees to work together to ensure everyone has a fun and safe time.

Planning a holiday office party requires more than just decking the halls. To ensure your office party is successful and safe this holiday season, consider the following tips:

• Host the party out of the office. A party in the office may feel like an extended work day. Find a location that is close to the office and as convenient as possible for everyone who plans to attend. A change of atmosphere could help guests relax and be more inclined to have a good time. Hint: The Holiday Inn Savannah Historic District is a perfect spot with 2,000 sq. ft. of Ballroom Space! Also, when you book a party, there are special room rates available, so you can take the elevator home for the night!

• Allow employees bring a date. To facilitate a family feel, encourage workers to bring their spouses or significant others to the party. This helps to separate the event from the traditional office environment and may help foster deeper friendships and employee loyalty.

• Stick to company dress code. Employees should wear similar clothing to what is expected in the office environment. It’s best to present a picture of professionalism. Now is not the time to try out a racy dress or a funny gag T-shirt.

• Be careful with alcoholic beverages. A few spirited drinks can help guests relax and feel more at ease at the party, but too many can lead to unruly behavior and liability issues. Employers are responsible for seeing guests home safely after a party. Keep alcohol to a minimum or choose not to offer it at all.

• Leave the planning to us! Call the Holiday Inn Savannah Historic District today and let us give you a helping hand to make your holiday party a complete succes. Located at the corner of Bay Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. We are one block from Savannah’s famous River Street, City Market, and adjacent to the Ships of the Sea Maritime Museum.

For more information about the Holiday Inn Savannah Historic District, click HERE, or call 912-790-1000.