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Rawls Distributing is taking vending into the tech era

Step into the break room or common area of most areas business, and you'll probably see Rawls Distributing's calling card. After all, they've been in the vending business for years, managing over 1200 accounts in the Coastal Empire alone. And that number is growing daily. While Rawls has always been the local source for vending--delivering coffee, snacks, soft drinks and even paper products to local companies--they're building a name for themselves in the ever-expanding tech market, introducing MICRO MARKETS areas to the local market.

 According to Robin Rawls, company president, the micro-market technology is taking off in ways they never dreamed. "It's an actual convenience store inside your company's break room or vending area. These micro-markets can handle hundreds of products." And the products aren't your normal vending machine fare. They range from freshly-made salads to sandwiches, to soups and frozen meals, all available for the consumer to pick up and examine before they make their purchase.

According to CANTEEN, the company behind the micro-markets, they are "changing the way guests shop in public or semi-public environments bringing the benefits of a self-checkout micro-market to their retail world, including an expansive product selection, state-of-the-art technology, secure shopping, and 24/7 convenience. From deli sandwiches and salads, to top-rated snacks and drinks, grabbing a quick bite is easy."

"This is something new and unique to our market," says Kevin Angel, area sales manager for Rawls Distributing. "We are able to offer more products that people want that don't fit in the typical vending machine people are used to seeing."

The micro-market turns a company's break or vending area into a small convenience store, with a large selection of food or drink. Customers choose their product, then check out at a cashless system that records their order, takes their payment and sends them on their way with a digital or printed receipt of sale. The point-of-sale units are equipped with both thumbprint and infrared devices, allowing customers and employees to set up an account with their personal banking information. It's guarded by cameras that record each transaction, which all but eliminates shrinkage of product.

This technology allows the system to be fully functional 24-hours a day, without much human supervision. 

"We have local restaurants that bring in fresh salads and sandwiches throughout the week. We do all the upkeep and customize based on individual companies' requests for items," adds Rawls. "We're bringing a convenience market right to employees. And it gives them the opportunity to give added value to their customers as well."

Rawls says this technology is perfect for areas like large companies, hospitals, hotels, entertainment venues, schools and other public locations.

For more information on how your company can take advantage of this new innovation in vending technology, contact Robin Rawls or Kevin Angel at the information below.



There’s a Rawls vending machine near you. Headquartered in Savannah, and serving Chatham, Bryan, Effingham, and Liberty Counties, we supply a wide range of snacks, drinks, cold foods and coffee via vending machines to hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, manufacturing plants, military bases, and just about anywhere our services are needed. Our retail clients include Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, and many others. We are local to provide you with fresh products and a fast turn-around time.

Rawls Distributing is the most tech –advanced vending company in the Savannah region.

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