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Salt Worthy: A Savannah Success Story

  • Carol and Dave Legasse, founders of The Salt Table brand with shops located in the Savannah area
  • Interior view of the original Salt Table shop in historic downtown Savannah.
  • A gift basket assortment featuring some of The Salt Table and Georgia Grown products.

There’s a phrase to compliment a person on a job well done that has been used for thousands of years. That phrase, “He’s worth his salt” was meant to describe a person worthy of his or her salary. That’s because Roman soldiers were paid in salt. It was so valuable then that salt was worth its weight in gold. Soldiers used this salt to barter for just about anything they needed and did so in all parts of the known world. Salt and spices were the universal currency.

Fast forward a couple thousand years and things have changed, a lot. In general, today salt is cheap, and easily obtainable. But that’s not the case for the best salts. They are still prized. These salts and spice blends are still considered by many to be a premium. And, that was the premise of Carol and Dave Legasse about eight years ago when they set out to develop their own brand of high quality salts and spice blends, The Salt Table.

Making this task a bit easier, Carol’s hobby is making unique combinations of seasoning blends. In fact, most of the blends – all best sellers – are Carol’s recipes and all Salt Table products are mixed and packaged by hand locally in the Savannah area.

Carol and Dave believed that – given a choice of dozens of salt and spice blend options – people would be fascinated as well as inspired by so many interesting ways to season food. So, after a couple years of planning, in 2011 the first Salt Table shop opened for business at 51 Barnard St in Savannah. It featured more than 200 different Salt Table products, including 60 salts and 60 seasoning blends, dip mixes, popcorn flavors, as well as loose tea and infused sugars.  The store was an instant success and since then Carol’s seasoning blends have won a number of impressive awards, including two first place prizes in the prestigious Flavor of Georgia Contest.

Soon after the Savannah shop opened in 2011, the couple decided to expand their offerings to include food products made in the local area, so they doubled the downtown shop and added locally produced specialty food. All of these products, including wine, are Georgia Grown®, a program under the Georgia Department of Agriculture. These amazing food items include jams, jellies, ginger products, peanut and apple butter, grits, cookies, crackers, oils and vinegars, honey, coffee, jerky and many other flavors. They also added local pottery, photography, arts and craft items.

On a less local basis, Carol and Dave source the planet for the best salts and spices. Just in the past year or so, their quest for salts and spices have taken them to Germany, the Caribbean, and Thailand.

Since opening, the downtown Savannah shop alone has had tens of thousands of customers and has earned many impressive reviews and accolades, including Entrepreneur of the Year and Retail Business of the Year.

The Salt Table brand is now available in all 50 states and Europe. The company currently has three locations and has two more about to open. Shops are located in Historic Savannah, and Tanger Outlets in Pooler. The new shops will open in December at The Savannah/Hilton Head Airport and the Ft. Stewart Exchange. The Salt Table production facility, where Carol’s recipes are created, is located on Highway 80 in Pooler. For more information visit or call 912-988-1059.