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CITY TALK: Liberty Street Grill, Liberty Street Gallery add to street's local flair

This newspaper recently spotlighted the surge in locally owned businesses on Liberty Street. Last Wednesday, a friend and I checked out two of the newest entries: Liberty Street Gallery and Liberty Street Grill.

CITY TALK: Be alert as legislators eye revenue for transportation

Georgia has underfunded transportation infrastructure for years, and there now seems to be broad agreement, including among the Republican officials who lead the state, that the state needs more revenue, perhaps more than $1 billion per year.

CITY TALK: Entrepreneurs pushed boundaries in Savannah in 2014

As 2014 draws to a close and we reflect on the year, it’s worth noting that entrepreneurs are taking bigger risks than at any time since the recession.

Some of those entrepreneurs are bringing new business models to the Savannah market or are pushing existing boundaries in meaningful ways.

CITY TALK: Will chief take street-level crime seriously?

Joseph Lumpkin, the new chief of the Savannah-Chatham police department, seems to have hit a lot of the right rhetorical notes in his comments about violence in Savannah.

CITY TALK: Some sectors still struggle to recover

What happened seven years ago this month?
According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the U.S. economy went into recession in December 2007. The so-called “great recession” – a term I never really liked and have rarely used in this column – continued until June 2009.

CITY TALK: recommends city’s ‘can’t miss bites’

A new post at about Savannah’s food scene has been making the rounds on social media — and for good reason.

“5 Can’t-Miss Bites In Savannah, Georgia” by People’s senior style editor Alex Apatoff is a great bit of press for the Savannah Food and Wine Festival, for a handful of restaurants and for the city itself.

CITY TALK: Holidays good time to discover businesses downtown

There has been a lot of public angst in 2014 about the fate of the Historic District’s locally owned businesses, but many are obviously thriving.

CITY TALK: Metro area continues to add jobs

The latest estimates from the Georgia Department of Labor show continued strong job growth in the Savannah metro area.

CITY TALK: What's next for Savannah tour guides?

Most of you probably already have heard about the new federal lawsuit challenging the city of Savannah’s licensing procedures for tour guides.

CITY TALK: What's next for the current Savannah arena site?

So, if we ever build that new arena just west of downtown, what should we do with the current one?
Now that the public debate is beginning in earnest, here's a quick recap of ideas from this column over the years.

CITY TALK: Recent developments shine spotlight on music in Savannah

In recent weeks, we’ve seen an especially strong spotlight on the arts in Savannah. The Telfair Art Fair and other offerings have showcased local visual artists, and a variety of developments have brought attention from around the world to the Savannah music scene.

CITY TALK: Better connectivity needed for stretches of Savannah's Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

One afternoon last week on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, I watched a handicapped man get off a Chatham Area Transit bus at 33rd Street.

He walked slowly but safely off the bus and stepped into the street, but then he had to face another obstacle. He had to step up over the curb onto an uneven tree lawn.

CITY TALK: New historical marker at Carnegie Library highlights ongoing Georgia Historical Society efforts

At 11 a.m. on Nov. 13, the Georgia Historical Society will hold the dedication ceremony for a new historical marker at the Carnegie Library at 537 East Henry St.

The marker will recognize the work of the Colored Library Association of Savannah, which was founded by eleven black men in 1906. According to the marker, “In 1913, the Association successfully petitioned the Carnegie Corporation of New York for funds to build a permanent home for the collection.”

CITY TALK: Can residential development keep pace with Savannah's downtown hotel construction?

A recent City Talk column praised many aspects of hotelier Richard Kessler’s Plant Riverside project at the west end of River Street.

Of course, he’s not the only hotel developer in town. Other hotels along River Street will also bring economic activity, and we’re likely to see more hotels built on the edges of the Historic District.

CITY TALK: Treylor Park brings inventive menu, reasonable prices to Savannah's Bay Street

Treylor Park, the new restaurant and bar at 115 East Bay St., has only been open a couple of weeks, but I’ve managed to make two trips already.

The comfortable main room is right off Bay Street, but on both visits we decided to sit at the bar in the courtyard, a really pleasant spot along the lane.

CITY TALK: Local job market outperforming most of Georgia

Georgia has had the worst unemployment rate in the nation for the last two months.

The state’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in September was 7.9 percent, down slightly from 8.1 percent in August and from 8.0 percent in September 2013.

CITY TALK: Taking a walk around Savannah's Plant Riverside

On Wednesday evening, I spent some time walking along River Street.

Every time I go down there on a weeknight, I swear to myself that I’ll visit River Street more regularly.

I walked from Bull Street to the west end to take another look at the site of hotelier Richard Kessler’s massive Plant Riverside project.