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Helping Hands of Savannah recently hosted its first youth retreat called "Isolation for Renovation."

Connecting to your Customer: The Power of Mobile and Location Based Targeting

Since the dawn of traditional advertising nearly a century ago, advertising methods have been limited to TV commercials and infomercials, radio ads, and print media. While all of these methods were – and still are – successful, they often leave a lot of questions as to how effective they truly are for reaching a target audience.  

Connect to your Customer: The Power of Mobile
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Are you on Google's good side? Understanding the power of search

You probably know that you need a search engine strategy for your business, but do you know why? Do you know why it is such a crucial element to your marketing mix, when traditional media and word of mouth have worked for all those years? Why is that not enough anymore? The answer is pretty simple. Consumers rely on the internet, and the internet is ever-changing. 

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Are companies that don't manage their online reputations doomed?

Managing your online reputation is important for businesses and individuals. The problem is, most people don't have the skills to do it themselves.

GENERATIONS: Celebrating the Stories of Savannah’s Family-Owned Businesses

We are proud to present the stories of these Savannah businesses—large and small—that embody what it means to stand the test of time and prosper, cementing their place in Savannah’s history, brick by brick.


O.C. Welch III opened his first car dealership in 1976, which was located at 111 E. DeRenne Avenue, but the business did not start there or with the dealership. It started with the detailing of cars for other new car dealerships in Savannah, which then lead to a sales position with a local dealership. It was followed by a used car dealership on Abercorn Street.


For almost 100 years, Byrd Cookie Company, a symbol of the heart of Savannah’s unique entrepreneurial spirit, still looking for 'undiscovered possibilities.' In 1924, Ben T. Byrd, Sr., known by family and friends as “Pop Byrd,” began baking small batches of cookies from his bakery in Savannah, Georgia, packing them in wooden crates, and personally delivering them to neighborhood markets in his Model T Ford. 


In 1974 Dale and Phyllis Livingood were transferred to Savannah from Atlanta with a major manufacturer of home appliances. At the time of the move, Dale had been working in the appliance industry for over 19 years. For many years, it had been a desire of Dale’s to own his own business, and with the move to Savannah, that desire was renewed. 


T.H. Guerry Lumber Company was founded in 1927 by T.H. Guerry, Sr. Known as “Pop” Guerry, he was in the timber business prior to opening T.H. Guerry Lumber. Today, Guerry Lumber is in the business of providing lumber, millwork, moulding, windows and doors to commercial and residential contractors, remodeling contractors and individuals.
L-R: Lynda Guerry Beam, Steve Chick and Lindy Beam Wheat


Optimal Hearing Systems is a service-oriented audiology and hearing health company that strives to improve hearing from A to Z. They test, treat, and improve hearing one patient at a time. Founded by Billy Pitt in 1961, the business is truly a family affair, with current president, Richard Pitt (Billy’s son), and his two sons, Nicholas and Dr. Gabriel Pitt, and daughter Veronica White as vice-presidents.
L-R: Veronica White, Richard Pitt, Billy Pitt and Dr. Gabriel Pitt. (Not pictured is Nicholas Pitt.)


From Sicily to Savannah: The story of building a seafood business that’s grown and prospered for over 130 years. Chances are, you know Mathews Seafood products from the plethora of fresh seafood restaurants in the Savannah area. But you may not know they’ve been providing food to regional restaurants since 1886.



In business for 82 years, Bernard Williams & Company was founded in 1934 by Bernard F. Williams, the father of Dick and Alan Williams, and the grandfather of Allen Williams.
L-R: Dick Williams, R. Allen Williams, Bernard Williams (portrait), and Alan Williams.


Founded in 1932 by George “Big Daddy” Hutson, Hutson Plumbing is a local commercial and residential plumbing company in its 4th generation of family ownership whose doors have been open for business in Savannah and the surrounding Low Country for 84 years. 

Seated, John Hutson. Standing (L-R), Lynn Moody, Adam Moody, Boyce Young


Remer Lane Insurance of Savannah is a full-service property and casualty insurance agency committed to providing clients with personalized service.
L-R Clockwise: Ashleigh Strickland, Suzanne Hill, Joyce Walsh, (standing) Clark Lane, Hermann Coolidge, Karey Fegal, Brooks Lane, Ellis Waters, (seated) Brinson Lane, Jonathan Lane, Laurie Allen, Mary Alice Nunn.


By simply putting down roots over 75 years ago, Mr. Critz’s vision for what an auto dealership could be has grown into a family business that is recognized throughout the region when mentioned with excellent customer service, community involvement and philanthropy. 

From left to right: Dale Critz, Jr., Dale Critz, III, Debbie Critz, Dale Critz, Sr., John B. Critz, and Lila Critz. On photo sticks from left to right: Laura Critz, Taylor Critz, Cay Critz.


Atlantic Waste Services, Inc. is a locally owned and operated waste collection and disposal company founded in February 1999 by Burke Wall. Mr. Wall has over 40 years of experience in the waste industry in the Savannah area.