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The History of Locksmithing - Locksmith Roles and Functions over the Years
A locksmith is the one who creates keys and installs locks for homes and businesses along with having highly specialized skills in installing high security locks. Originally, locksmiths used to create keys and locks from metal, but today's locksmiths work with electronic Locksmith Seattle, which range from keyless entry systems to biometric locks. They do door lock repair, adjustment and installation anywhere, from cars to office building and provides services for people who are locked out or those who need help on their security systems. The name is derived from several word combinations. Initially, they were called so as blacksmiths also create locks for people who request for it. The basic role hasn't changed although the job description changed over the years. Now, it is already a skilled trade that integrates technological skills, metal working, lock picking and some basic carpentry. Many locksmith service today provide 24/7 assistance and service, but keep in mind that you will likely pay more during emergencies.


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